Bush’s Iraq victory

March 24, 2008

No this piece is not about the “progress” made by the surge. Rather it refers to the victory Bush and the NeoCons have won against the American people. As the U.S. casualty count tops 4000 the only notice paid is to some milestone like another trillion on the national debt. Mentioned in the daily news and then thrown out as tomorrow’s fish wrap. No more frontpage stories, no more “embeds”, no more votes to cut off funding. More like the drip of a faucet you hear as you try to fall asleep. You know there is a cost, but the effort to get up and fix it can wait. Only the casualties and their families pay now. Maybe an occasional funeral procession escorted by the Patriot Guard of motorcyclists, maybe the same continuing polls showing that the American people think the war is a mistake, maybe another Iraq war veteran found homeless. But probably not. The American people have succumbed to Cheney’s defiant reply, “So?”


One Response to “Bush’s Iraq victory”

  1. Richard Mayor Says:

    The Lone Voice in the Wilderness!

    Rock on man !!!

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