The Greatness of Democracy

March 27, 2008

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of a democratic government is that the populace in the aggregate  gets pretty much what they deserve excluding “Acts of God”. Oh I know many of you will say wait a doggone minute, I didn’t vote for this administration and yet I have to suffer along with those who did. Notice I did say “in the aggregate”.  There will always be winners and losers in any policy decision, but when the majority makes a really bad decision, then  a significant number of them may suffer as well.  As for the statistics that show a decreasing percentage of American register and an even greater decreasing number vote in elections, I say they have made a democratic decision and will suffer or benefit with those who did vote.  Non-voters are in fact second order participants in representative democracy. They have simply chosen not to pick their leaders but chosen to let those who do vote pick the leaders. Those of us who opposed this administration must take our share of blame as well.  Who among us did everything we could possibly do to prevent these occurrences? Yes, we worked, donated and spoke out, the usual actions in a democracy.  But this was not a usual election. I heard, as many of you may have, from friends and acquaintances than we should not let politics divide us from those with whom we have long term and deep relationships. Our was of life was put at risk. This advice is the equivalent of, “Friends let friends drive drunk if they might be upset if you tried to stop them.” Occasionally the greatness of democracy calls upon us to rise to greatness by going outside of our comfort zone.


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