A couple of shorts

April 28, 2008

What’s Wrong with Rev. Wright

The MSM has been all over the Rev. Wright since the “discovery” of videos of his past sermons and interviews of late.  The introduction of every story includes the elements of “unpatriotic”, “radical”, “bombastic”,  and “outside mainstream Christianity.”  The endless repetition of the soundbite of “Damn America” is what the MSM does best, i.e. take a complex issue, find the most sensational excerpt from a speech and present it as the summation of the issue by the speaker. It grabs attention which is the goal of the corporate media serving an uninformed audience. Rather than address the deeper issues that Rev. Wright raises, e.g. imperialism, oppression, and role of the government and church, the MSM call themselves “journalists”.

Bowling for Pennsylvania

Now that the Pennsylvania primary is over it is time to look at some of the focus the MSM presented. Senator Obama’s bowling exploits were good for a couple of news cycles. Telling the story as Senator Obama’s failed attempt to show he “connects” with the working class was a constant theme.  Senator Clinton’s fond memories of gun handling were recounted to demonstrate her connection with the same groups.  But there is another “bowling” issue the political process does not address. The tragedy of “Bowling for Columbine”.  Playing upon the fears of legitimate gun owners and hunters that big government was coming after them  is constant fodder for the right-wing.  The “gun” issue misses the central question, why do such a large number of our fellow citizens turn to guns to deal with personal conflict.  Almost daily the media reports some man who becomes estranged from his mate and feels he must shoot her and often himself, the neighbor who when confronted with some boisterous youths on his property shoots one or more, and the bullied high school student who bring a bag of guns to school to exact his revenge. Who is asking why and what can and should be done to excise this uniquely American anti-social behavior?


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