May 14, 2008

Congratulations my fellow Texans. Our strongly elected Public Officials argued up to the end in favor of continuing a practice that the Mullahs of Iran, the butchers of Araby and the heathens of Nigeria have forsworn. That is the practice of state-sanctioned killing of juveniles. If God made man in his image, he must have made Texans and a few Okies and Virginians, in his most righteous, vengeful personage. While our citizens avow “Jesus is Lord” and “Life is precious”, they elect prosecutors who are returned to office time and time again on a record of putting our fellow citizens to death. I ask what could cause this deep corrosion of our souls? Could it be the fire and brimstone fear that if we do not vanquish sin with the full measure of morality, we too shall burn forever in a lake of fire? If America is the Great Shining City on the Hill, Texas must be the sacrificial altar on the Aztec pyramid. Would some of our native Taliban have full sway, the age of trial as an adult would encompass primary school students. The facts of developmental biology and juveniles’ lack of a sense of consequences are to be ignored as executioner’s song drifts skyward and we warmly wrap ourselves in the sweet state narcotic called security.






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