Ask not

June 22, 2008

Will we ever again hear a candidate ask us to give to our country rather than promise what our country will give us? Was it all that long ago?{F13B7798-7E4F-482C-9BF4-9E66EA6C1E56}&type=Video

Rather than “I feel your pain” pandering can we get at least one candidate who has a plan? Someone who honestly lays out our current situation and plainly says what has to be done. The Manhattan and Apollo projects showed what this country can accomplish when challenged. Telling the country to “go shopping” after the tragedy of September 11 or promising a gas tax holiday only leads us further from the vision of America as the shining city on the hill. How can we spend $1.6 Billion per day on gasoline and not have even a long range plan to move to sustainable alternative energy. How can the FBI counter terrorism unit only have 9 Arabic speakers? Closer to home should we expect the next generation to borrow to fully pay for in-state higher education and at the same time inherit a massive public debt? Just like the Minnesota bridge collapse our infrastructure is in disrepair. Are we going to fix it? Americans are an independent lot, but they will come together when shown a job to be done. They can take the bitter medicine if they know we’re trying to make our country better.  Enough asking for now.


One Response to “Ask not”

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