Current Landscape

December 1, 2008

I got taste of the misinformation that seems to be swallowing the electorate. A man retired from the Army after serving in Korea and Viet Nam let me know that Barack Obama has now said he is of the “Arab religion”.  The treaty that allows the US to maintain forces in Iraq for three years was not signed by George Bush, but rather by Barack Obama. The return of “the draft” is part of Obama’s plan to make America’s military a force to spread that “Arab religion”. For further evidence of the difficulty of democracy the gentle reader is referred to here to examine the ballots in the Minnesota Senatorial election. The past failure of the public education system to imbue the current generation with the principles upon which this nation was founded and how the mechanisms of an election work will continue to have lasting implications. See Codrescu . As rightwing radio begins its assault on the incoming administration with hoots of “Obama’s Recession” we can expect some turbulent times. Nobody said Change was going to be easy.


Now reading Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow.


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