The Hate Continues

March 16, 2009

I was in the grocery store yesterday and passed by the small display of books. There was an Obama section that had grown since the inauguration.  This section had his two books, half a dozen or so biographies and a copy of his inauguration speech.  I had seen this section before but this time there was something different.  Every stack in this section had the top one or two books turned upside-down. This was not the result of some casual browser mislaying a book.  This was deliberate. It was every stack but only in the Obama section.  The rest of the book  display was normal. Fueled by ignorance and fear the hate continues.

A word of advice to our new President, do not risk our hopes and your life by visiting Texas.  I still remember the last time a young inspiring President came to Texas.

Currently reading Kite Runner by Hosseini, Supreme Injustice by Dershowitz, and American Caesar by Manchester.


2 Responses to “The Hate Continues”

  1. Bevo Gal Says:

    Must admit to some of the same “hate”. For 8 years every time I saw a magazine cover with dubya, Dr. Evil cheney or any of the company of corruption, I always drew fangs, horns and occasionally a swastika on the forehead. Childish? Of course. But I felt so liberated after returning the mag to the table as my name was called to exit the waiting area. Just wish I could have been there to see the reaction of the neo-con who sat down next.

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