Blue Dawg Salve

October 26, 2009



We have heard the Blue Dawgs express their major concern that healthcare reform will break the budget. They also bemoan the “interference” by the government in the free market. With healthcare decisions being so personal no one wants multiple rules restricting treatment. The healthcare industry is one sixth of the nation’s economy. These facts only increase the importance of getting the right reform. So what to do to allay the Blue Dawgs’ fears? Here is my suggestion. The government should eliminate farm subsidies to pay any increase in healthcare costs. No busted budgets, no more “evil” government manipulation of the agriculture markets. To decrease any rise in healthcare costs using a single payer system will reduce any farm subsidy offsets. An added benefit to the single payer is that it allows the market function without the heavy waste of the insurance company overhead (exec pay, admin costs, and high profits) which adds NO value to the end service. Having a single payer system will simplify healthcare provider administrative procedures and reduce their costs. Lets focus on improving healthcare and drop the parasites. Win-win. So, come on Blue Dawgs we know you value your principles over the big donors from agribusiness and insurance companies.


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