The Hate Continues

December 28, 2009

I was in grocerystore yesterday and passed by the small display of books.  There was an Obama section that had grown since the inauguartion. This section had his two books, half a dozen biographies and a copy of his inauguration speech.  I had seen this section before, but this time there was something different. Every stack in this section had the top book or two turned upside down.  This was not just a casual browser mislaying the book back. It was dilberate. It was every stack, but only the Obama related books. The rest of the book dislay was normal.  Fueled by ignorance and fear the hate continues.  A word of advice to our new President, do not risk your life and our hopes by visiting Texas.  I still remember the last time a President who scared the ignorant came to a tragic end.

Current Reading. Finishing Louis D. Brandeis A Life  by Melvin I Urofsky.


2 Responses to “The Hate Continues”

  1. Corley Says:

    Possibly the person just feels that their voice is not being listened to. Though the act may seem hateful, it may just be a cry out to be listened to by their leaders. Obama at this time just happens to represent all of our leaders since he is the President. Tough job, but he did choose to run for the position.

    • cowanl Says:

      interesting response.

      If the person who did this act is just expressing his/her frustration at the perceived lack of attention by the current crop of elected officials (and I seriously doubt
      this was the motivation), I have an observation. I believe the public is getting exactly what they deserve. That is the great thing about democracy. With less than half the ELIGIBLE citizen even registered to vote and of those that do register only 40% will vote in an offyear election the message is pretty clear. The public would rather watch American Idol, play on the local softball team or do scrapbook activities than participate in political affairs. Sure there are those who try exploit the fear and ignorance for political gain, but as long as the majority of the public don’t get involved, then it will be only a whinning minority that we hear from every two years. The polls also show they do not want tax money given to candidates for their campaigns. So unless the candidate is a multimillionaire, they will have to solicit funds from donors. We need to ask ourselves when was the last time you spoke to a candidate running for any elected office? worked on a political campaign? Donated to a candidate? If the answer to these questions is never, then this grand experiment in self government will continue pretty much as it has recently. If you are feeling frustrated, then get educated and get involved. On the other hand if you are just expressing fear and hate of this president, then just pass away like the dinosaurs did. Millions more voted for this president than anyone else. Respect the decision and quit the childish acts because you didn’t get your way.

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