An Outrage!

October 2, 2010

Every right-thinking conservative would abhor any government action to force a property owner
to provide free occupancy to an uninvited squatter. These squatters not only take over the space
but consume food, spew out the waste, keep the owner up at all hours and even make the owner
physically ill, all for months on end without a single dollar of payment. These actions violate
even the most fundamental property rights. Yet there are many conservatives who want to punish owners with prison time for evicting the squatters. In the extreme some nuts have killed people who assist the owners in the eviction process. Many of these owners are poor singles with little
outside income. Their circumstances do not matter these opponents. These opponents not only
want to deny any aid in evicting the squatters, they want to use precious government resources
to harass the owners. What corporate hotel chain would put up with being forced to let squatters
take over luxury rooms, demand 24-hour room service and not pay a nickel. The time has come to demand that conservatives end their hypocrisy and let these owners control their own property without external meddling. The time has come to support Liberty. The time has come to properly frame
 this issue: it’s not an abortion, it’s an eviction!

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