Welcome fellow Corporate Citizen

October 12, 2010

 Now that a majority of the SCOTUS has elevated the corporation to that of an human being in speech protections under the  First Amendment it is time for Congress to expedite legislation to fully  implement this philosophy. Along with these freedoms come responsibilities.  The Corporate Income tax must be abolished and corporations will now begin to pay progressive taxes as individuals do.  Since Congress has already determined that marriage can only exist between a man and a woman, corporations, being neuter, will file using the Single tax rates. They would be subject  to the Alternative Minimum Tax. Congress should identify the analogies between the corporation and an actual human for tax purposes as soon as possible.  A human needs food to sustain basic physiological processes and as everyone knows food expenses are not deductible as a deduction from gross income. The corresponding corporate processors are  governance boards, managment personnel, human resources, facilities management and legal departments related to incorporation and maintenance. Therefore, none of these costs including related supplies (paper, computers, etc.) and facilities (corporate headquarters leases and depreciation) should be deductible from corporate gross income. Current phaseout of certain tax adjustments e.g. the standard deduction will apply. However, corporations who have been in existence more that 65 years would be entitled to one extra personal exemption.

Luckily, as corporations are not male they cannot be subject to the Selective Service registration requirements.

Education. As full fledged citizens corporations would not only be entitled to education, they would be required to attend, K-12 to learn the basic principles and laws of this land, e.g. equal opportunity, no monarchy, and the common welfare. They would be  subject to testing to assure they learned the lessons, otherwise they would be required to repeat and could not assume a full  place in a decent society.

Criminal punishment. Just as humans in some states can be executed for capital offenses, corporations must be subject to the same sanctions. If found guilty of premeditated murder a corporation must be terminated, its stock declared worthless, its assets appropriated for compensation and its charter revoked in perpetuity. For lesser offenses, e.g. theft, bribery, extortion, the corporation would be confined and kept from the innocent public. Of course, if a corporation behaves insanely and is declared mentally incompetent, it could be absolved of criminal guilt. But, it could be held in escrow indefinitely.

There is a lot more rules and regulations to be modified to make society safe and ready for its new citizens.


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