At Last!

November 2, 2010

The Green Party and the Tea Party have now merged to form the Green Tea

Party.  Our platform is ANTI-oxidant. We must take our country back from those

globalist Oxidants.  Oxidants are a threat to our Liberty and our genome. As

Americans our Founding Fathers, Mother Nature and Earl Grey have given us the

individual freedom to fight these “free Radicals” without government or third-party

interference. We are all Natural;  natural ingredients, natural laws and  a natural

movement. We reject any stimulus and only accept decaffeinated.  We began

with boiling intensity. We are steeped in our beliefs.  We are brewing more powerful

every minute, but we are not bitter. We will keep America from going to pot and

serve America  from the teapot. We demand personal choice for all– sugar, honey,

milk or plain. We are anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic and anti-tumoric. We

welcome supporters from Black, White, Darjeeling and even Oolong. Take a sip

and you will find we are your cup of tea. We are the Green Tea Party.


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