November 22, 2010

The radical right has worked its plan to perfection for the last 30 years. My mind wonders at its logical conclusion. Killing public education through “defunding” removes basic information of democracy and also removes the framework for packaging the myths that underlie the right-wing corporate-funded messaging. What happens when generation after generation is deprived of education and critical thinking skills? Sure, the “Fear the unknown and beware the different!” message will continue to work to divide the populus indefinitely. But, the aspect that “we” are special begins to lose its context. Convincing the majority that they are a victim of the unknown evil becomes harder. Can the “Dog eat Dog” mentality exist in a globally interdependent world? When you have made the case that only “we” have the courage, liberty, independence and values of the Founding Fathers, Defenders of the Alamo and the Wild West Cowboy and when the knowledge starved public has no clue who those historical figures were, then the message loses its impact. Identifying one’s self as exceptional then reverts to base selfishness, a hard sell to the true Christians. For a message to stick it must align with an individual’s cognitive frame of reference. When the great unwashed masses of the future hear Gov. Rick Perry IV proclaim that he represents the principles on which the nation was founded what will they think? What is he talking about? What is a nation-state? Is our only principle the freedom to buy what we have been programmed to buy?



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