Out on a limb.

December 13, 2011

OK, I am going out a limb and predict Obama will win a second term. The question is then,  “what will he do in a second term”,  assuming approximately  the same Congressional split ( a little more Democratic House and a little more Republican Senate). Also assuming the economy has improved just enough to get him back in. Will the GOP just stall and obstruct knowing he’s now a lame duck? Will Harry Reid then take the gloves off, go nuclear, and let a majority move legislation and nominations in the Senate?  Will Obama hold steady (Rope a Dope) for more two years and hope an even better economy and demographics will give him a “mandate” in 2014? Will the ChiComms put a Technocrat in power to satisfy domestic demand for the benefits of the consumer society to take the internal pressure off?  Will there be a worldwide movement to prize the people over the bond market? Will the moneyed interest accept sharing the benefits of technology with displaced workers?  I don’t recall there being a mention of the unemployed on Star Trek, despite replicators and warp drives. While many of my generation wax nostalgic for the 1950’s, I can’t wait for the 2050’s and beyond.


Currently Reading: Hadrian and the Triumph of Rome by Anthony Everitt, Jazz  a History of American Music by Geoffrey Ward and Ken Burns.


5 Responses to “Out on a limb.”

  1. Kay Oates Says:

    Please write another blog soon. Surely the Repub’s quest to anoint a presidential candidate has given you something to write about!

  2. Kay O Says:

    We’ve had a few unfavorable economic indicators come in recently. Would you still go “out on a limb” and say the same thing now that it is April?

    As the pundents say, it’s the economy that will make it or break it for an incumbent president. I think this applies doubly so as we scratch ourselves out of this depression.

    • cowanl Says:

      A month is not a trend. It’s more than “the economy, Stupid”. If Europe can keep from falling off the cliff for six more months, we should continue our climb from the Bush abyss.

  3. Kay Oates Says:

    Has the limb broken yet?

  4. cowanl Says:

    Wow was that post prescient or what?!?!

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