Strange Encounter

January 23, 2015

I attended the 2015 swearing-in of the Texas legislature. While waiting the office of a Rep. I saw a band of TEA partiers activists (TPA) return from the floor after the vote for house speaker. After the Turner Massacre (Scott not Nate) they were consoling themselves by plotting revenge on the defectors and promising to march to the offices of the Naughty Nineteen to express undying gratitude.  While they were waiting a Lyndon LaRouche activist (LLA) came calling in the long stream of lobbyists of all sorts. A TEA Party activist  (TPA) seated by the door asked who LL was. The LLA instantly lit up , after a long morning of rejections, I suppose. He said LL worked on the Strategic Defense Initiative under Pres. Reagan (hoping to ingratiate himself by invoking St. Ronnie). But the TPA interjected, “Star Wars” (which really surprised me since I thought in the TPA world only DC Liberals called it Star Wars). Undeterred The LLA proceeded to say that LL had been railroaded by Pres. G. H. W. Bush to jail for five years .The TPA added she disliked the Bushes too and asked what LL had been up since. This question really invigorated the LLA. He reached in his bag and pulled out a glossy brochure. He flipped open to the International Development Bank article. The TPA asked,  “wasn’t that like the IMF or the Federal Reserve “,which she really didn’t like either. The LLA reassured her the IDB was the opposite of those.   She said she only liked her local bank. At this point the LLA decided he had done all he could and excused himself. Another TPA ambled  over and asked what that was all about. The first TPA recounted the conversation but when she got to the part where LL was “railroaded” by GHWB, the seconded TPA responded that no one was railroaded to jail for five years without cause. I hung my head and feared for the fate of the nation.

2 Responses to “Strange Encounter”

  1. K Oates Says:

    Please provide an acronym key. I know you did it on purpose, but I have no clue what all of them mean.

  2. cowanl Says:

    TEA is Taxed Enough Already conveniently ties to the Boston Tea Party protest against taxation.

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