GOP Pipe Dream

April 10, 2015

     After Reagan’s landslide in 84 the GOP thought they had finally recovered from FDR era. The traditional legs of the GOP, the 1% and the military-industrial complex, had been joined by the conservative “Reagan Democrats”. Since the 70’s those blue collar jobs in the Midwest had been under pressure and anxiety was rising. The new coalition was able to hang together enough to get Bush I elected despite the extreme right-wing doubts about him. The corporate media said it was the end of the Democratic Party forever. When Clinton won in 92 the shock was extreme. How could a Governor from a small state with marital issues win despite an emerging extreme media collaboration? While there was gnashing of teeth on the national level Karl Rove was working on the fix, bring the fundamentalist believers from their spiritual isolation to the secular political world. By bringing a blank slate Texas Governor with a famous last name to national attention Rove showed the way forward for a decade. Despite watching 911 occur on his watch and the Iraq war fiasco the Rove coalition used fear to get Bush II re-elected.
    But while all this mixture stewed, a much deeper problem for the GOP was emerging. By wining 41% of the Hispanic vote Rove realized the coming problem, demographics. The rising birthrate of minorities coupled with the passing of older white conservatives was growing a progressive majority and surpassing the GOP three-legged stool. Despite vicious voter suppression acts in the states , data driven gerrymandering and increased extreme social media the unthinkable happened, Obama won. The GOP refused to believe it and stalled everyday to thwart Obama’s agenda  and 60 vote Senate as long as possible. By delaying and filibustering his economic recovery they were able to blame him and convince frustrated voters to take back the House in the off year. When he was reelected by a greater margin they knew it was absolutely time to reach out to enough Hispanic voters to offset the loss of white conservatives. By photo-shopping a few brown faces in the group scenes  and repeating the Family values message to Catholic Hispanics the GOP hopes they have a new coalition.
    The fallacy of this tactic is that unlike the white Union voters of the 70s and 80s, who forgot that the Democrat policies has brought their prosperity , minorities have fresh experiences with GOP/TEA  policies. e.g. racial profiling, payday lenders, privatizing Social Security, voter photo ID, food deserts,  ripping the social safety net, border militias, maximum sentencing, crushing student loans, defense contractor payoffs, predatory home lending, gutted public education, public displays of intimidation by open carry advocates, executions of the mentally ill, routine murder of unarmed civilians by local cops and vigilantes, mass incarceration, outsourcing to China, etc. So unless the geniuses of Madison Avenue can package the purveyors of these practices as healthy for new voters, the GOP will fade like the Whigs. I can’t wait.

2 Responses to “GOP Pipe Dream”

  1. K Oates Says:

    I agree. But minorities seem to only vote in national elections. There needs to be more communication to minorities to explain that state elections are important too.

    • cowanl Says:

      Minorities and younger voter do tend to vote in Presidential years but they do support down ballot state progressives.

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