The deliberate fading of FDR

August 30, 2016

A few decades ago if you ask American citizens who were the top three presidents, they would answer, “Washington, Lincoln, and FDR “. Now, if you ask the same question, you would get Washington, Lincoln and either Reagan or Obama. How is it that the most accomplished president of the 20th of century has faded from popular memory. The president that: recovered from the greatest Economic depression ever, assembled a team that won the second world war, established the most popular government program (social security ), all while suffering ther ravages of polio. The alphabet soup of agencies: CCC, WPA, FAA, FDIC, FHA, FCA, PWA, SEC, TVA and the NRA (not the evil corporate gun lobby), revolutionized the relationship between government and the public. Those moneyed interests that created the Great Depression, as well as, their latter day ilk who crashed the economy in this century, bought all the influence billions can buy to erase the public gains under FDR and thereby the admiration the public felt for FDR. Those who had stood in long soup kitchen lines were placed in jobs that not only boosted their self esteem and fed their families, but built major infrastructure projects, dams, parks and bridges, and family homes that we still see and enjoy today. The fading of those accomplishments from the public mind was not strictly due to the passing of the Greatest Generation, but intentionally debased by those spawn of the Gilded Age who built vast fortunes on the backs of workers and farmers. These despicable tyrants never want government to take their foot off the necks of the poor and vulnerable. The man who singlehandedly turned the country from a socialist revolution to a social democracy has been stabbed in the back by the descendants of those may have been spared the gallows.  


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