Make America Great Again?

October 28, 2016

the motto of the Trump campaign, is seen as an opportunity on the part of their opponents to ask, “WHEN was America great?” The most common response is the 1950s. That response allows the Left to spring their trap, “You mean the decade where the highest marginal tax rate was 98% and the private union participation rate was over 70%?”  But these questions don’t have the desired effect of separating any Trump supporters who might be working class, from the oligarchs (see Jane Meyers book Dark Money), who’s bugaboos are high marginal tax rates and union collective-bargaining. These conservatives respond with their stock answer that American was more moral and godly in that decade (see Thomas Frank’s book What’s the Matter with Kansas). They see this judgment as the reason God blessed the US with economic gains. When this response happens the Lefties usually just shake their heads and wander off. The Trumpers are impervious to facts. But the missed opportunity is to question the true morality and godliness of that time. Was it more moral to violently suppress demands for racial equality? Was it more godly to hide domestic and child-abuse? Was it more moral to treat women as second-class citizens? Was it more godly to cover up for religious pedophiles? Was it more moral to demonize gays? It was a pretty good decade, if you were a White, Christian, adult Male. They may be impervious to facts, but are susceptible to emotional connections. Think lizard brain. America is already Great but can get better for everyone.


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