Election 2016

December 4, 2016

On Election Day the slumbering barbarians and Barbies of ignorance, once again roused by the clarion call of fear, stormed the polls and vanquished tolerance and economic recovery for a generation. Sated by their victory over a majority, they inhaled deeply the narcotic of righteousness. Will their leader leap onto the back of this unleashed tiger and bring it to heel for the good of all or will it turn on him and consume him as a sellout? Perhaps in a few months they will slip back into their coma. As the foggy blanket of hidden persuaders gave them the warm release of wetting their bed, they will coldly awaken to find their hopes smothered by evil greed. But there won’t be anyone left to show compassion. One only hopes they won’t continue to suck on the teat of bitterness and prejudice when it’s them In the block. 


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