Sequestration Rope-a-dope

February 26, 2013

The GOP is counting on the short game by letting sequestration go into effect. Claiming that they compromised by letting the tax giveaways to those with incomes over $450k the GOP believes they have boxed Obama in to accept only deep spending cuts. The effects of austerity will not be distributed evenly. Obama will now be able to state that spending cuts have matched the pain of lapsed tax cuts. It is time for those who have benefitted from the recovery to share and build the economy.



April 21, 2008

Yes, I admit it. I am one of those bitter individuals. Bitter that the media does not address the real issues, but focuses on flag  pins, haircuts, and cookies.  What about globalization? Strengthening Social Security? Bringing the  study of government into education?  Crumbling infrastructure? Energy independence? Punishment vs. treatment for drug abuse? Granting of FCC broadcast licenses for the public airways to corporations without enforcing the responsibility to operate in the public interest?




I got an email from a lady unhappy with the current two-party system. She wanted to “resign” from the party. She said, “They are in the pockets of big business”…”We just can’t identify with it any longer”.   She also said she had voted for and contributed money to her party’s candidates in the past.  These feelings have been prevalent for a while now, wishing for a new independent party that will be for America.  My view on this group is that most of the people who hold this view were not all that involved in either existing party. They may have voted fairly consistently for their preferred party and even made contributions, but I don’t think they played an active part in the local party. I doubt she has ever been a precinct chairman or even a “block captain” , probably never attended a party meeting, convention or worked at a party’s or candidate’s rallies.  This yearning and praying is a manifestation of their desire to let someone else do the work of democracy. Complaints about politicians being owned by the moneyed interest are rampant, but few seem willing to organize and support a candidate who foregoes large donations.  I know that even the most partisan supporters have at least one disagreement with their national party.  Any party of more than one person is going to have differences of opinion. Those who choose to work within the system know it’s not perfect but they are willing to work to enact the larger agenda.  Even Ross Perot said, “It’s not about me, Larry.”  (To tell the truth it really was about you Ross, but your prescription was correct). As democracy has evolved from the days of the Founding Fathers to encompass all Americans, rich or poor, male or female, black, white, or brown, the question, “who will do it if we don’t?” has been asked less often.